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The Leading Education Consultancy In Nepal

Pacy Educational Consultancy has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best educational consultancy in Nepal for studying abroad. Our head office is located at Samakhushi, Kathmandu.

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Pacy educational consultancy

Student Screening

The “student assistance team” of Pacy Educational Consultancy is an experienced agency in background checks of Students eligibility for enrollment. Universities, colleges and education providers turn to us because of our safe, secure and customized screening procedure which is unique in the Nepalese Prospective student market.
The goal of the Student Assistance Team is to offer additional support to kids who are having academic or behavioral issues and who are either performing below or above expectations. This prevents the students from benefiting from general education.
A student must be referred to the student assistance team for consideration of interventions if universal screening, a recommendation from a parent, a staff member, or other information accessible to a public agency suggests that they need educational support for learning.
We conduct background checks for academic, financial, study gap, career progression, immigration history and most importantly intention to study requirements, working closely with the students. Screenings can mirror the academic and financial potential of Nepalese students where our counselors are assigned to conduct the process. We offer an online link where students can follow our website and fill-in their information for assessment.

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Pacy Educational Consultancy

University Application Assistance

Students’ lives depend on academic support. Due to a lack of information and support, many students are choosing an online platform for their academic demands, which puts them under academic stress. An application assistance team is available to you through Pacy Educational Consultancy to help you complete the university admission process.
The University application assistance team of Pacy Educational Consultancy assist students to choose the level of degree he/she applies for, and direct them to correct form to fill in. It plays a vital role if the applicant is unsure which major they wish to study. The team provides entire support for enrollment, offer letters and the process of confirmation of enrollment.
We are going to assist you all without charge in your efforts to enroll in universities.
Send your whole document package to us via email. Our application assistance team is in regular touch with universities and students as a liaison body. This team believes in prompt action to overcome complications during the entire admission process.
If you feel uneasy to contact us, then we’ve provided online enquiry on our website. You can freely fill enquiry form to know more about universities and courses.

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